Corporate insignia jewellery is a great way to boost corporate pride as well as to promote your company.  Rings, lapel pins or other insignia products can be used to recognize your employees for years of service, on the spot awards or for any of your service recognition programs.

Kline Fine Jewellery and Design manufactures all of its own insignia products from lapel pins to rings and all corporate insignia jewellery in between. This is a claim few of our competitors can boast. This enables us to offer our clients the highest quality insignia products at a very competitive price.

Kline Fine Jewellery and Design can work with any company logo and transform it into beautiful custom jewellery or insignia, which any employee would be proud to wear. All our jewellery is carefully crafted; we emphasize the details and always strive to create an elegant and unforgettable look. Our goldsmiths can create an array of custom insignia products for you to select from.  Our insignia products are available in pewter, brass, sterling silver and gold.

Corporate jewellery offers immediate visible recognition to celebrate achievement, as company incentive awards, service recognition or promotional items for your corporation, association, country club, or tournament function.