Kline Fine Jewellery and Design Established in 1906

It was in 1906 that the name Irving Kline first became identified with the jewelry business in Edmonton. At that time the store was located in the old Fox Shoe Store, and boasted a staff of three.

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In 1917 Irving Kline opened his own store in downtown Edmonton and he has never regretted for a moment the step he took in 1917.  He had to borrow $500 to get started and that was the extent to which the bank would go in financing this type of business at that time.

Irving Kline and his young bride who have worked together in the business over the years have had many anxious moments and have pioneered many aspects of the business. And the fruits of the labors have paid them well until today they are recognized as one of the outstanding jewelry retailers in the country.

They had changed location three times before finally locating in their present location in 1955. Now they occupy a building which is their own and is one of the most pleasant spots in downtown Edmonton on Jasper Ave.

In their tastefully designed location Irving Kline Ltd. Displays the finest in quality diamonds, watches, gold and costume jewelry, crystal and china.  The firm specializes in diamond remounting, and guarantees all jewelry and watch repairs.  The hundreds of square feet of display and sales area give the customer plenty of browsing space.

Irving Kline began his career in Edmonton when he worked with his father, Herman B. Kline in the optometry store in the spot where Mike’s Newstand now stands. He was an ambitious lad and continued to study at Alberta College and went to Detroit and completed his course in optometry.

Mr. Kline is still the president of Irving Kline Ltd. and he and Mrs. Kline still spend considerable time at the store each.

Mr. and Mrs. Kline have two sons. One son, Dr. Harold Kline who is a graduate of the University of Toronto, operates his own optometry office at 10062 103rd St. Their other son, David, who is also a graduate of the University of Toronto, is the manager of the jewelry store.

Over the years Irving Kline has kept up with the latest trends in watches and jewelry. He has been in close contact with the most famous names in watches such as Longine, Rolex and Bulova and he and his repair service men have usually been ahead of anyone else in the latest technigques.  To ensure the most accurate results in watch repairs, all timepieces are electronically tested on the “vibrograf,” a precision Swiss-made instrument which produces a “cardiograph” to aid in the final adjustment of each watch.

The Kline selection of diamond rings includes the well-known Orange Blossom range.  Each Orange Blossom ring is guaranteed for quality, and carries free insurance against loss by fire or theft.

After David Kline retired from the business, Dick Newman, his managing partner bought the business from David.  Kline’s location moved from Jasper Avenue to Edmonton Centre as well as a second location in Kingsway Garden Mall in 1985.  Tom Towns retired from CFL Football that same year for the very reason that the store was built for him to step into the management position.

The business in Kingsway Garden Mall flourished until the mall expanded and put another six competing jewellery stores, which then totalled twelve in the mall.  Kline’s left in 1990 and put everything into the one store in Edmonton Centre.

The trend, as they found out, was to have jewellery pieces designed to the customers liking, away from tradition.  In 1992 they closed in Edmonton Centre and started a business in the LeMarchand Mansion and built a huge studio workshop where they are able to manufacture with the total participation of the customers.

Since Kline’s doesn’t advertise, they want the customers doing it for them through ‘word of mouth’.  The customers, with their input, can have the piece remade at Kline’s expense if they are not totally satisfied.  The customers experience needs to be a positive one.

Kline’s biggest part of the market is the manufacturing of custom designed pieces.  Recently, they have been utilizing a 3D computer rendering and wax cutting machine.  Any picture or drawing can be processed once we have the correct information such as finger size, dimensions of stones (if any) etc.  The customer can see a model totally customized to their wishes.